The Taínos were the pre-Columbian habitants, the first settlers of the island, at the time of Christopher Columbus's arrival in 1492, there were five cacicazgos taínos in the territory of Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic), each headed by a chieftain (boss), to whom tribute was paid. THE TAINOS were divided into four social classes: the naborias, the nitaínos, the bohiques and the cacique. In the socio-political structure, of a theocratic-warrior character, the cacique and the bohique represents the supernatural powers of day and night. You could find in our gift shop some replicas of his sculptures and this would be a original memories of your adventure.
The Taínos had fun in a different ways, through dance, music and the ball game. The latter was known as batu and played in a space called batey. The game aroused the interest of the Spanish colonizers, because the ball they used (which was made from the roots of the plant called Cupey) bounced, and this phenomenon was unknown in Europe. The ball game was played between 2 teams of up to 30 players (men and women) who had to keep the ball in the air with their shoulders, elbows, hips or any other part of the body, except the hands and feet.

The main taíno rituals staged sacred dances called areítos, accompanied by diverse instruments, mainly drums. Among the most used plants was tobacco. The cohoba tree was used during a religious ceremony ("the ritual of the cohoba") in which the cacique, the bohique and the nitaínos communicated with the spirits.
This Taino Tour is rich culturally and entertaining you when enter into its culture, you will feel you as part of its traditions, in addition to have fun with them, you will have new knowledge learning about this space that is endorsed by the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic. This place was built on the basis of faithful documentation of an Original Tainos Yucayeque village. You will see samples of handicrafts and you will be able to see firsthand how they used for cooking and for their areitos that are the traditional dances.

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