Let’s have
a blast
5 hours
From $130

(8:30 AM, 11:30 AM,
and 2:30 PM)
Drive through the Dominican countryside in our specially designed buggies. Swim in Domitai Cave Park’s crystal-clear spring, explore a recreated Taino village, and enjoy a cultural show. Taste local products like coconut oil, coffee, and chocolate. Get ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure!

Boogie Tour
Experience a day of fun and history at Domitai Park. Ride buggies, visit a Taino village, explore caves, and enjoy horseback riding and ziplining. Taste organic products and savor regional dishes. End the day with a vibrant Dominican party.
Full day
From $77
Monday, Wednesday & Saturdays from 
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
6 hours
From $190
Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday
& Sundays
Join our Night Tour for a unique adventure. Drive on extreme trails, watch a Taino show, swim in Iguanaboína Cave, and explore Yara Cave. Enjoy a Dominican product tasting and a special dinner, ending with a lively party.
River Ranch
Join our River Ranch Explorer tour for an exhilarating journey into the Dominican countryside. Ride 4×4 Quad bikes on private trails, swim in natural streams, and explore the island’s oldest tree and a traditional Dominican country house.
Half Day (5 hours)
$99 (Adult), $60 (Child)
We Have New And
High-Quality Machines That Are 100% safe
You Can
Normal Boogie
Great for solo or duo riders looking for a classic boogie adventure.
$110 (1-2 Pax)
Family Boogie
Ideal for families, offering comfortable seating for up to four passengers.
$150-200 (3-4 Pax)
Powerful quads for individual or duo riders, perfect for rough terrains.
$130-150 (1-2 Pax)
Honda ATV Boogie
Premium boogies offering enhanced comfort and performance for up to four passengers.
$180-360 (1-4 Pax)
CanAm Boogie
Top-of-the-line boogies for the ultimate off-road experience, available for one or two riders.
$199-238 (1-2 Pax)
with over
years of age
Swim in the cave
a million
..a refreshing experience after this adventure track!
Carretera Higuey. Miches. Rancho Adventure Boogies. Punta Cana. República Dominicana
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