We are a team of passionate collaborators and willing to offer a differentiating and unique experience in tourism, focused on carrying out different Boogie Tours in the Dominican Republic. We work every day to guarantee our visitors, both children and adults, that with us they will live the best Adventure and Fun experience. We are also committed to making known factors representative of the Dominican culture and thus support the development of our community.


To be the most recognized tourist company worldwide in the field of boogie excursions in the Dominican Republic for its Quality of Service, Customer Service, Organization and Differentiation of activities for tourists and locals looking to enjoy an Adventure and Fun experience but also that they are pleased to know aspects of the national culture, contributing in turn to the good performance of tourism and the development of the community.


The Passion for being the best

The Respects towards our Clients and our Coworkers

The effort daily to achieve goals

The constancy To never give up

The Responsability with our community

The humility to see our areas of opportunity

Our Commitment for putting our company in top level and our Dominican Republic

"Since we started our operations in 2008, we have worked hard to ensure a memorable experience for our customers. The desire to grow, advance and innovate in what we do motivates us. Our principles and values position us as number one in the market. Passion, Respect, Effort, Constancy, Responsibility, Humility and Commitment; they guide us in our mission to offer an unforgettable experience to our client travelers". "The power to realize your dreams is inside you, there are no excuses, you take responsibility to be able to do it. Success is not built overnight, it is built with effort and consistency. "

Rigoberto Pimentel

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